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Saffron Kobideh Kabab

Note: To make kobideh kabab, you should use meat that has at least 30% fat.

  • At first, pour 1 teaspoon of ground Saffron in a glass and add a very small amount of boiling water and let it brew until the smell and color of Saffron are completely released.
  • Mix the ground meat with a tablespoon of salt.
  • Finely grate the onions and squeeze the grated onion to take its juice out. Then mix the meat with the grated onion, pepper and Saffron in a bowl, mix very well and knead the mixture as much as necessary to make it sticky. If you want, you can also use the yolk of an egg to make it stickier.
  • After kneading and preparing the meat, you should put it on flat skewers. Before you start, pour some cold water into a small bowl and place it next to your hand. Now, before taking the mixture, put your hand in the water bowl to make it wet and then take a handful of the meat mixture, and place it on a skewer. Then cover the desired length of the skewer with the meat mixture. Dip your hand in cold water again and gently press on the meat mixture to fix it on the skewer. Finish all the meat mixture and prepare your skewers in this way.
  • Now it is time to put the skewers on the barbecue grill. If you made your fire with charcoal and firewood, you have to wait until the flame subsides. Otherwise, the fire flames burn the kabab and change its taste. It is important to rotate the skewers in the first minute of grilling because the meat is still raw and uncooked, and it may start falling off the skewers. The trick is to rotate them and let the fire-facing side of the kabab hardens and firmly sticks to the skewer. Once both sides are hardened enough, you can continue grilling until the kabab is well done. Frequently, blow the fire to keep enough heat for the kababs.
  • You can roast whole onion, pepper, and tomato and serve them with your Kabab.

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